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China Deployed Missiles in the Disputed South China Sea

Taiwan said on this Wednesday that the China has positioned an anti aircraft missile on the much disputed South China Sea island, as Australian foreign minister has started the talk with Beijing and are expected to deal with the tension over the China’s move to assert the maritime laims.
Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense also said that it has grasped the communist China had deployed at an unspecified number of missiles on the Woody Island in the Paracel group. The Philippines has said that the development has increased in the regional tensions.
Disputed Territories
This move from the China’s building of the new islands is the disputed sea after pulling sand stop reef and has also added the airstrip and also military installations. These are also a part of Beijing’s effort to claim that virtually the entire South China Sea and all its resources which were prompted of some of its wary neighbors to draw to the US.
The most dramatic part of the work has taken place in the Spratly Island group, where the militaries of almost four nations have had a presence, having said that work has also gone on the Woody and also on other Chinese holdings in the Parcels.
Taiwanese minister said in a statement that the military will also pay a lot of attention to the subsequent developments and also added that reverent parties should also work with each other to maintain stability and peace in the South China Sea region to restrain from any kind of unilateral measures that would also increase the tensions.
US network Fox News has said that the China has also moved from surface to air missiles to the Paracels which identifying all of them as the two batteries of HQ 9 system which are along with the radar that is targeting many different things. The missiles have a wide range of almost 200 Km which is almost 125 miles, and make them a threat to all the forms of military and civilian aircraft’s. Yongxingdao of China said, Woody island is also claimed that Taiwan and Vietnam along with a artificial harbor will boost roads, airports and army posts and also other buildings and an recent satellite image appears to show that it is also adding a lot of helicopter base and are likely to dedicate the anti submarine warfare missions.
China and Taiwan also claimed that the whole 3.5 million square Km souch China Sea that includes the Paracel chain, Vietnam and also the Philippines claim much of the oceans as well. Malaysia and Brunei have smaller claims.
This move from china might also rattle the Vietnam and the most of it because of the proximity of the parcels and also because of the history of the maritime tensions and also China has spiked in the 2014 with the proximity of standoff after the China has moved with a massive oil rig into the disputed waters.
Neither Bishop nor Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the South China Sea specifically amid opening explanations in front of their discussions.

In remarks on Monday to Japanese telecaster NHK, Bishop said Australia like the U.S. does not take sides on the issue of sway, but rather encourages all gatherings to “practice limitation, de-raise pressures and not act in a way that would excite the circumstance.”
“Australia hosts approached all gatherings to stop recovery, development work and any militarization of the islands,” Bishop said. China respects Australia and the U.S. as unwelcome outside gatecrashers in local waters. Wang and Bishop occupied with a touchy trade in December 2013 after Australia condemned China’s one-sided assertion of an air guard zone in the East China Sea.
Obama calls for Tension to be reduced
In front of Bishop’s visit, President Barack Obama and the pioneers of the 10-part Association of Southeast Asian Nations approached Tuesday for the serene determination of the district’s oceanic debate. Obama told a news gathering that debate must be determined by lawful means, including a case brought by the Philippines testing China’s clearing claims over the greater part of the South China Sea.
China has declined to join in the procedures, however Obama said gatherings to the U.N. law of the oceans are committed to regard the decision, expected in the not so distant future. Obama additionally acknowledged an offer to make a May visit to Vietnam, further fortifying compromise between previous enemies driven to a great extent by worries over China.
Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Hong Lei repeated on Tuesday that China considered the lawful procedures started by the Philippines to be illegitimate and said they would “never be acknowledged by China.”
China was sending “important national barrier offices” on its region, Hong said. He said Australia ought to be stay impartial and abstain from doing anything to undermine territorial steadiness. Philippine Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said the sending of rockets on Woody Island “builds strains in the South China Sea.”

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