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Picasa To Shut Down for Photos

As Google has launched the Google Photos service, internet search giant Google will be discontinuing its sharing and editing software Picasa, announced the company on Saturday.
From the time Google Photos has been launched Google have had many question about what this means for the future of the Picasa. A lot of thought and consideration has been put into it after which Google has decided that its time to retire Picasa in coming few months and complete focus on the Google photo service in Google Photos, said Anil Sabharwal, the head of Google Photos.
Picasa which is a software which enables users to conveniently manage the photos on a personal computer, and can transform them with the effects and upload and also share them online. The company which has said that there are photos and videos, that are the users Picasa Web Album and could be accessed and modified by sharing through Google’s Photos.
For all those who do not want to use Google Photos or for those who still want to be view some specific content for example captions, tags and comments, Google will be making a new area for the users to access Picasa Web Albums data. All the changes will be rolled out on 1st May 2016 and the Picasa desktop application will no longer be available from March 15th, 2016.

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