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Now you can get the alerts of the earthquakes from your smartphones

The US scientists have developed an application which can turn your smartphone into a sensor which will alarm you about the earthquakes. This is really important tools for saving lives.
The scientists from the California University at Berkeley and Deutsche Telekom AG have developed the application. The application will utilize the motion sensors of your smartphone which will feel earthquakes. The application is named as MyShake. This records the time and amplitude of the tremor and sends the information packet and your phone’s location to the analysts at Berkeley’s seismological lab.
The system will get better as more people will utilize the app. The target is to develop a seismic network globally. This will develop a collective seismograph as you will use the application. This will accordingly alert the users about the upcoming jolts from earthquakes happening far away.
“For the many developing countries like Nepal, Peru which are prone to earthquakes will benefit with MyShake. This will potentially warn the persons who are affected by quakes. The app will alert them a few seconds earlier so it will help in saving numerous lives,’’ added by Deutsche Telekom on Monday. “These countries have huge number of smartphone users but currently are equipped with only sparse ground based seismic network or early warning systems or may be nothing of these.”
While the application can record earthquakes only above the magnitude of 5 within 10 kilometers which equivalent to 6.2 miles as the smartphone’s motion sensors are less sensitive than an underground seismometer. Also the few number of main users make up for phone’s insensitivity as an estimation of 16 million smartphones in California and above 1 billion across the world. The app MyShake is available on Google Play store for free. The organization has also planned a launch on iOS, states Deutsche Telekom.

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