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Now Watch Hulu on your Windows 10 device

Now Watch Hulu on your Windows 10 device : If you are a fan of Hulu and watch it on our Mac or Pc, then for no matter what, on many other devices. Now the streaming services are willing to integrate a lot deeper by using Windows 10 as its launch pad.
This will not mean that it will cease to be accessible in all the previous ways, but are just adding one more option for the customers who want their services. This would come as a bit extra, just as Stephen King’s 11.22.63 appears to be and will be also available for Xbox users. One of the customers, including the non Hulu Plus users for time being while running it on February 15th to the 21st. Currently, its only episode that one available for viewing, but it will also be a eight part series.
There is also some interesting integration in this also as Microsoft points out Hulu as he new app that works very well with Windows 10 features like Live Tiles and Cortana and features that like responsive and adaptive layout. The Hulu application on the Windows 10 is that they are available only on the version f the Hulu as of today that uses universal voice search through Cortana.
A example of the integration would look like say “Hey, Cortana, Play Hulu Sleepy Hollow.” This will also support Live Tiles and can be pinned to the Start menu.
This was created as a complete Universal App, which users can easily select from the multitude of the shows they are available from the Hulu. No matter what your taste is, you can easily find something to watch.

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