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Instagram Will Soon Roll Out Video Count Feature

Instagram Will Soon Roll Out Video Count Feature : In September 2014, Facebook added the video which could count feature on its website and also has now transferred the feature to Instagram services as well. Instagram will now be able to see how many times the video has been seen by other users. The view counts will now appear just below the video post and along with the other regular options such as comments and likes.
Instagram also said that this feature has not yet been rolled out as of yet but it will be reaching the users in next few weeks. Users will also have to view the total number of videos and likes which has received by the tapping of the views.
Since the time the video has launched couple of years ago and introducing the Boomerang and Hyper lapse you have and the video storytelling on the Instagram will take off. Whether you are there on the front row in a fashion show or just spending a day or two on a beach, nothing can bring moments to life like through a video. This can also add a view in the first of the many ways you will see on the Instagram to get better this year.
Now with the inclusion of the video counts, Facebook’s Instagram has seem to be compete Twitter Vine video streaming services and on Google’s YouTube. Vine in July of 2014 also introduced a video loop count in its application. The new feature on the Instagram which might not be making a ground breaking performance for regular, but is a very good piece of innovation. However, it is also very important for Instagram video creator to implement this project. There are several popular Vine celebrities which can see this as a opportunity for expanding their reach and also track the videos which have been performing on this platform.

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