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China Deployed Missiles in the Disputed South China Sea

Taiwan said on this Wednesday that the China has positioned an anti aircraft missile on the much disputed South China Sea island, as Australian foreign minister has started the talk with Beijing and are expected to deal with the tension over the China’s move to assert the maritime laims. Taiwan’s …

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Google Celebrates Rene Laennec’s 235 Birthday With Doodle

Google Celebrates Rene Laennec’s 235 Birthday With Doodle. Today google changed its Doodle to Rene Laennec. René Laennec was french physician. He invented the stethoscope in 1816, while working at the Hôpital Necker and pioneered its use in diagnosing various chest conditions. He became a lecturer at the Collège de …

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Missile strike in Syrian towns : 23 people dead

Missiles hit three hospitals and a school in rebel-held Syrian towns on Monday. 23 civilians were killed as Russian-backed Syrian troops advanced toward Aleppo, a rebel stronghold town.Fourteen people were killed in the town of Azaz near the Turkish border where missiles pounded into a school.Bombs also hit another refugee …

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Australia busts $1 billion worth Drugs

Australian police have seized $1 billion Australian dollars of the medication “ice” from a shipment of silicon bra additions and workmanship supplies, the nation’s government police said, worth around US$700 million. By, the bust is one of the greatest in Australia’s history, and the biggest seizure of fluid methylamphetamine ever. …

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