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Gravitational Waves study confirmed

The greatest progress in the world of science. Scientists said “detected gravitational waves for the first time”, ripples in space and time hypothesized by the physicist Einstein a century ago. The researchers said that they detected gravitational waves from 2 black holes. Einstein proposed in 1916 the existence of gravitational …

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How We Decode Salt Taste: Decoded

How We Decode Salt Taste: Salt which is a chemical term that is described by a compound which is made from negatively and positively charged ions, the most well know examples is the Sodium Chloride(NaCl) Many scientists, including one who was from Indian origin, has identified a new mechanism that …

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Worlds Most Accurate Clock Built in Germany

A team of Germen physicist has built the most accurate time piece on the earth. This has been achieved in a much unexpected levels of accuracy in their new atomic clock. Nuclear clock specialists from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) are the primary exploration bunch on the planet to have fabricated …

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New Formed Star Creates the Dazzling Light Show

If there is something very mysterious in the world then it is starts. They are huge, marvellops and hundreds of light years away from us. The birth, death and even maturity of starts is something which has always been of special interest to the astronomers. Sometimes, these stars also catch …

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Cosmologists found evidence of gravitational waves

A century long endurance is paid off, as the highly elusive ‘gravitational waves’ have finally been detected. obviously there is great ripples within the global physics community, astrophysicists and cosmologists. LIGO collaboration announced the mile stone discovery in a press conference on Thursday, February 11 at the National Press Club …

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