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Gravitational Waves study confirmed

The greatest progress in the world of science. Scientists said “detected gravitational waves for the first time”, ripples in space and time hypothesized by the physicist Einstein a century ago.
The researchers said that they detected gravitational waves from 2 black holes.
Einstein proposed in 1916 the existence of gravitational waves as a consequence of his theory of relativity vanguard, but so far scientists have found indirect evidence of their existence.
Scientists have spent the last 25 years developed a set of very sensitive instruments that could identify a distortion of space-time one-thousandth the diameter of one atomic nucleus across two miles strip of laser and the mirror.

“This is the first time we heard of gravitational waves and protection as we build more advanced and more successful because it can start to listen and detect most often from other sources and to gain new understanding of astrophysical phenomena that we never had before, “said Dr. Lucas Corwin, assistant physics teacher at the South Dakota School of Mines.
The recent discovery confirms one of the last untested theories of Albert Einstein about the universe.
It is planned to open a new way for researchers to study the nature and history of the universe.

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