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Cabinet Reshuffle Announced By Australian Prime Minister

There was a reshuffle which was triggered by the two key ministers Andrew Robb and Warren Truss who announced that they will be retiring at the end of next elections.
Australian Prime Minister said on Saturday that a announced Cabinet reshuffle will be conducted after three ministers have resigned over the scandals and the two announced that they will also retire at the elections as within next few months.
It is the second major reshuffle that for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ever since that he came to the power in the September. It also introduced that the six ministers are among the 42 who must show themselves that ahead of elections which is due in next September.
Mr. Turnbell has also said that he did not expect to make any further ministerial charges in front of the elections. The proposed reshuffle which will revitalize the government by the means of the promotion of the younger ministers.
This kind of transition, this kind of change and this kind of renewal at its very core is very important said Mr. Turnbull. He also added that the reshuffle was also triggered by two of the key ministers Warren Truss and Andrew Robb and announced this week that they will retire at the next elections.
Mr. Robb who has also been praise for sealing the bilateral free trade and the deals with the major trading partner China, South Korea and Japan as a minister for investment and trade. He has also replaced by the Steven Ciobo, and will also remain involved in the portfolio and until the elections are a special envoy for the purpose of trade.
Mr. Truss portfolio will be shred in between the two experienced ministers when the new cabinet was sworn in on last Thursday. The first resignation were from Mr. Turnbull’s ministry had also come in a bit late in last December which was in response to a complaint about the female public about a minister who have drunken behavior in the Hong Kong bar. Also another minister has resigned on Friday after there was an investigation in which he found that he had a potential financial interest in the trip and he had made it to the Beijing with an Australian businessman.
A third member also resigned on Saturday because there was a police investigation that made it clear weather he illegally accessed a House of Representative Speaker’s diary was likely to drag on for almost a month.

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