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Sweet deal: Sugar might help find cancer, says study

If the findings of a fresh study are to be believed, normal sugar may be utilized in imaging methods to detect cancer. The research, conducted by Lund University in Sweden, indicates that found malignant tumours show higher sugar consumption than surrounding tissue.
“If sugar replaces metal as a contrast agent within the body, it may also be in possession of a positive psychological effect and make patients more composed,” said Linda Knutsson, senior lecturer at the university.

The properties of a tumour can be examined by injecting a little bit of sugar and then measuring just how much sugar the tumour consumes. The more sugar the tumour have, the more malignant it really is.

The collaboration has resulted in the new imaging technique being along with the testing of natural sugar as a replacement for metal in contrast agents. It’s the very first time a nonsynthetic contrast agent was used in human magnetic resonance tomography evaluations, and the results are promising, researchers said. The uptake of sugar is higher in the tumour than in healthy tissue based on the results of tests carried out by researchers.

The tests were carried out on three men with a brain tumour and four healthy men. “Metal-based contrast agents cost more than sugar-based agents. Accordingly, this may lead to a lowering of medical care prices,” said Knutsson

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