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Nintendo NX release date updated

With the third party support the release date update as new 2016 launch plan of Nintendo NX has been backed
It looks like the Nintendo NX release date may occur in 2016 which will consist a secured third party support.
This is considered according to a latest report published this week which suggests that a launch of Nintendo NX may be possible, which will come up with outer development.
The latest sources claimed that the key second and third party partners have received the supply of time frames by dev kits which suggests the 2016 release date.
It is yet not clear that how the release of Nintendo NX 2016 is likely to be. It is considered that nothing except from the rumours are available when it is about the information of the console.
Tatsumi Kimishima the latest chief executive has promised that the Nintendo NX is not going to be the glorified version of the wii u, which has stayed back in race of xbox one and Playstation 4.
Also the same source added that the at least one next generation title will be worked on which will be launched followed by NX.
Many other plans are being guessed for the NX. One of them includes some form of augmented reality support and two more devices.
A handheld or controller is supposed to be the first piece which will be launched as the first piece of the NX this year. This will be followed by a home console in 2017.
Also some other reports stated that company from japan is preparing a release for a number of high profile titles which will be launches with the launch of the NX. This also includes Super Smash Bros and also a latest Mario game.
While another analyst from the industry has predicted regarding the information of NX, The consultancy Piers Harding Rolls from HIS believes that Nintendo are preparing to unravel their facts about E3 and may also discover some regional strategies.

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